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Real estate terms


Welcome to the Woodland Hills real estate and homes for sale real estate and mortgage glossary for Chatsworth, Northridge, West Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Winnetka and Los Angeles County, CA areas. Understanding real estate terminology can be of great assistance in buying or selling a home, commercial property, or investment property. In order to help you understand words commonly used in a real estate transaction, I have prepared a list of real estate terms you should become familiar with. Thanks again and be sure to contact me for any of your real estate needs in Los Angeles County, CA.



Interest Rate
The monthly effective rate paid (or received if you are a creditor) on borrowed money. Expressed as a percentage of the sum borrowed.

IDX, or broker reciprocity, is a listing sharing arrangement between brokers within a Mulitple Listing Service.

Market Value
An asset's market value is the price it would fetch in the market, if it were sold in the current marketplace.

Title Insurance
A type of insurance which guarantees the ownership and quality of title to land.

An educated estimate of the value of a property on a certain date given by a person, usually after an inspection of the property.

As is
Implied in most Agreements of Purchase and Sale, suggests the buyer is accepting the property in it present state and relinquishes and responsibility from the buyer.

a) A person who has done any of the acts that by law entitle his creditors to have his estate administered for their benefit; b) a person judicially declared subject to having his estate administered under the bankrupt laws for the benefit of his creditors; c) a person who becomes insolvent.

To offer (a price) whether for payment or acceptance.

Property Tax
A tax levied on real or personal property

Interest Rate
The percentage usually on an annual basis that is paid for the use of money borrowed from another

Home Loan
a) Money lent at interest; b) something lent usually for the borrower's temporary use.

Credit Risk
An estimate of the amount of credit that can be extended to a company or person without undue risk.

Credit Union
A cooperative organization that makes loans to its members at low interest rates.

Prime Rate
The lowest rate of interest on bank loans at a given time and place, offered to preferred borrowers.

A mortgage whose interest rate is raised or lowered at periodic intervals according to the prevailing interest rates in the market.

Home Equity Loan
A loan or credit line that is secured by the equity the borrower has in a home.

A temporary, conditional pledge of property to a creditor as security for performance of an obligation or repayment of a debt.


In order to help you with your next home purchase, I have put together a simple review of some of the major mortgage programs.

Variable or Adjustable-Rate Real Estate Mortgage
With an adjustable rate mortgage, the rate of the loan can change throughout the term of the loan. Many ARMs have a short fixed period and then become truly adjustable. The rate of the loan is based on adding points to a fixed base.

Fixed-Rate Real Estate Mortgage
With this type of loan, the interest rate remains consistent throughout the term of the loan.

Balloon Real Estate Loan
A balloon loan is a real estate loan where there is a lump sum due at the end of the loan. This normally encourages an individual to refinance prior to the end of the term of the loan.

Jumbo Real Estate Loans
A jumbo loan is any residential or commercial loan exceeding the guidelines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

FHA Real Estate Loans
An FHA loan is a loan in the United States that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

VA Real Estate Loans
A VA loan is a loan in the United States guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. The loan may be issued by qualified lenders. The VA was designed to offer long-term financing to American Veterans or to their surviving spouses.




Information you can find in this site about the San Fernando Valley  Real Estate Markets
 Serving the San Fernando Valley Real Estate

Here at the real estate sales office of Ramin Alai we specialize in superior customer service when it comes to real estate sales of residential homes for sale, houses for sale, condominiums for sale, town homes for sale, or small to mid-sized apartment buildings for sale. We represent buyers and sellers of real estate throughout the San Fernando Valley which includes real estate located in the City of Woodland Hills California 91364, 91365, 91367, 91371 The City of West Hills California 91307, 91308, the City of Calabasas California 91302, 91372 the City of Agoura Hills California 91301, 91376, the City of Canoga Park California 91303, 91305, 91304, 91309, the City of Chatsworth California 91311 and 91313 , the City of  Encino California 91316, 91416, 91426 and 91436, the City of Granada Hills California 91344, 91394 the City of North Hills California 91343, 91393, and the City of Burbank California 91501, 91502, 91503, 91504, 91505, 91506, 91507, 91508, 91510, 91521, 91522, 91523, 91526.

 Woodland Hills Real Estate

At the Ramin Alai site in addition to information about real estate, real estate loans, real estate for sale, real estate for rent, real estate for lease, homes for sale , condominiums for sale, houses for sale, town homes for sale, apartment building for sale, town homes for sale, or any other real estate information related to Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Granada Hills, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sun Valley, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Topanga, Universal City, Valencia, Valley Village, Van Nuys, West Hills, West Hollywood, Winnetka and Woodland Hills you'll find interesting real estate information and links to Chambers of commerce, and school districts for the following cities; City of Woodland Hills California, The City of Encino California, the City of Reseda California, the City of West Hills California, the City of Sherman Oaks California, the City of Tarzana California, the City of Van Nuys California, the City of West Hills California, the City of West Hollywood California, and the City of Winnetka California.

 Calabasas Real Estate

Whether it's houses for sale, condominiums for sale, town homes for sale, homes for sale, or apartment buildings for sale, you'll be extremely satisfied with our knowledge of real estate when related to the cities we serve best which include; real estate located in the City of Porter Ranch California 91326, The City of Reseda California 91335 and 91337, the City of Sherman Oaks California 91403, 91413, 91423, 91495, the City of Tarzana California 91356, 91357, the City of Topanga California 90290, the City of North Hollywood California 91601, 91602, 91603, 91605, 91606, 91609, 91611, 91612, 91615 and 91616, the City of Northridge California 91324, 91325, 91327, 91329 and 91330, the City of Van Nuys California 91401, 91404, 91405, 91406, 91407, 91408, 91409, 91410, 91411, 91470, 91482, 91496, 91499, the City of Studio City California 91604, 91614, and the City of Winnetka  California 91306, 91396, the City of Mission Hills California  91345, 91346 and 91395, the City of Thousand Oaks California 91358, 91360, 91362, the City of Westlake village California 91359, 91361, the City of Panorama City California 91402, 91412, the City of Moorpark California 93020, 93021, the City of Canyon Country California 91351, 91386, 91387

 Sherman Oaks Real Estate
Most all the cities where we have homes for sale, houses for sale, town homes or condominiums for sale, and apartment buildings for sale ( City of Woodland Hills, City of West Hills, City of Encino, City of Tarzana, City of Sherman Oaks, City of Canoga Park, City of Calabasas, City of Studio City, City of Topanga, Thousand Oaks and City of Valley Village ) have much to offer and you'll find loads of local real estate, school district, and chamber of commerce information including great shopping, restaurants, parks, medical facilities, and businesses. Home prices and styles range from first time home buyers, turn of the Century historical homes, large horse properties, to large view homes, and estate quality homes and houses. There is just about any style of real estate you can imagine available for sale or rent. If the property for sale or home for sale you are looking for is not presently available, we have many aggressive and innovative methods designed to assist you in locating these types of real estate, homes for sale, or houses for sale that you are looking for.
 Lost Hills Real Estate
If the information you require related to real estate, real estate loans, real estate for sale, real estate for rent, homes for rent, real estate for lease, homes for lease, homes for sale, houses for sale, town homes for sale, apartment building for sale, town homes for sale, condominiums for sale, or any other real estate information related to West Hills, West Hollywood, Winnetka and Woodland Hills, or any other city of the San Fernando Valley is not at our site simply call or email Ramin Alai, or any other member of the B. J. Enterprise real estate sales team as we will be happy to help you gather that real estate related information!


 West Hills Real Estate

When real estate is on your mind, Ramin Alai is here to help! Real estate for sale, real estate for lease, real estate anything… You're going to love the real estate services we provide.

For service and information relating to property for sale of Woodland Hills real estate, West Hills real estate, Calabasas real estate, Encino real estate, Burbank real estate, Sherman Oaks real estate, Van Nuys real estate, Tarzana real estate, North Hills real estate, or West Hills real estate, call Ramin Alai, or any other member of the B. J. Enterprise real estate sales Team. Real Estate is our life.

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